Before and after photos from photographer Nikki Incandela
Nikki Incandela international photographer

About Nikki Incandela

I'm an international photographer, visual brand coach and speaker.  I'm also an entrepreneur and visionary who absolutely loves to allow my clients to see the best of themselves in pictures!  There's a quote from Henry David Thoreau that is a fav of mine...

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."

Well, I see beauty!....everywhere!....and in everyone! And my mission is to bring that inner light within you to the surface in the biggest and brightest way.

You may also want to know that I am an extreme chocolate and coffee lover! They are my drugs of choice ;)

My dog is my heart and everyday I get to love him up, is precious to me.

Champagne is a staple in my fridge and loving life is what I live for!

Welcome to my journey...this time around!